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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

FTP access

Question: "FTP over the Internet" has been activated, but it is not accessible. Does a certain port to be enabled on the router?

Answer: The router must forward port 21 to the IP of the NAS so that data transmission via FTP is made possible.


Elimination communication

Question: Will it be possible to disconnect the connection between your main server and the IB-NAS6210 without losing functionality?

Answer: No, because you are losing the connectivity via Internet and this is the main idea behind the IB-NAS6210. If you want to use your NAS device in your home environment only, you should choose a “traditional” NAS device


data transfer
Question: What data (eg via SSH) was exchanged between you and the NAS?

Answer: The device does not have SSH access is more and it is also described. The SSH approach was mooted in the programming phase, so a password query appears. But since no SSH access is no longer possible, and no data will be exchanged