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Apologies this is a repeat of the post below but I didnt realise I had to sign in again after registration!

I am not a computer techie (as I have now proved beoynd doubt!)

In my business we have a need to share very basic databases and diary and use mainly Lotus SmartSuite software.

In the past we have hosted all this on either a portable HDD or on one of 3 PCs.

We do not have a server and rely on basic networking through a router.

We had a problem with a PC which caused considerable grief with lost data despite backing up daily offsite and after reading about NAS drives I decided we needed a dedicated drive for his that operates straight off the network and thus bought a NAS903.

I found the handbook less than completely helpful and got round that to format the drive and populate it with data but we are now getting a variety of glitches/error messages:-

You don’t have permission – this was our Lotus Organiser diary file where we only seem able to have one user using at a time
Delayed write on Lotus approach database files while closing so it does not appear to have saved the date changes
Cannot use databse because it is open exclusively - even when sharing set up correctly

What we want is to have simultaneous access sharing reading/writing ability for these files plus access to our older files all saved together.

Help anyone please....................?


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please check the following information:

1.the relationship about lotus database and NAS 903? Does the lotus database archive path directly point to NAS shared folder?(via samba?)

2.the network environment, OS of your PC

3.please describe detailedly what operations caused what errors(errors pictures best)



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Hi Tracy

The Lotus database and diary are both on the NAS903 and paths are correct and open up usually but not always.

Sometimes it cannot be found and then is and sometimes its read only not read-write etc.

The delayed write message always comes as i shut down the database and tells me data changes have been lost - which they have,.

The OS is XP. Network environment not sure what you mean but we have 3 PCs linked by ethernet cabling through a Thomson router.

What is samba?! (sorry!)


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