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IB-RD4320 Problem

PostPosted: 2 PMpSat, 30 Dec 2017 13:53:05 +0000 2010, 16:46
by Pietro62
Hi List,

I am using a ICYBOX RD4320 2 bay with 2x Seagate Constellation ST1000NM0033 1TB HDD in RAID-1 configuration.
One of the disk was marked as bad, so I replaced with a new one (same model) with unit powered ON.
After a while and some activity, no raid rebuild action was performed and disk led is steady and/or slowly flashing.
I extracted the new inserted disk and checked with a W-7 and Linux PC, so I can see that a full disk partition was created, but impossible to access using both OS.
Linux say it's a kind of FakeRaid or SoftRaid formatting system, and nothing else ...


1- admit that one day the RD4320 box goes dead and disks are (hopefully) good, is there a software or tools that can access the disk content and try to recover the data ?
2- what's the best practice to replace a faulty disk ? delete any partition and/or info on the new disk before insertion ?
3- Where are the raid metadata stored (information about raid membership) and eventually how to delete them ?
4- Is there a list of banned or recommended list of producer or/and disks to be used in ICYBOX external case?

Thank you very much and HNY 2018 !


Re: IB-RD4320 Problem

PostPosted: 2 AMpWed, 03 Jan 2018 08:27:33 +0000 2010, 16:46
by Stephan
Hello Pietro,

HNY to you too.

First of all, i'd recommend a Backup of your data. Since you are using two HDDs of the same brand and
model, the probability of the second HDD failing after the first did, is very high.

To answer your questions:
1. I din't know. I sold my 4320 a while ago and never tested that.
2. Yes. It's always best to use a total fresh HDD with no data whatsoever.
3. Perhaps the raidsonic support can help with that.
4. No. All Sata disks should be compatible. i heard of very few problems, although most of the problems were with Seagate HDDs.

Best regards,