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IB-3680SU3 issues with write/read errors



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IB-3680SU3 issues with write/read errors


I'm the owner of IB-3680SU3.
Almost a year it worked great. I was happy with my WD Black 4Tb (6 pieces) inside, without any RAID.
But almost a month or two I'm having an issues with read errors from some of WD Black that installed inside.
There are no any errors or warnings in S.M.A.R.T. for these HDDs. And this is weird.

So, I'm writing, for example, archives (4-5 Gb, 120 big files) and I'm trying to open it.. and having an errors with some of the files.
I couldn't open, for example, pictures from yesterday's archive that were fine yesterday but now it shows an errors. :(

I'm connected through USB cabel.
Windows 10. NTFS HDDs WD Black edition 4Tb.

Perhaps, someone have had such a problems and could help me with it? Because everything worked fine but not these last couple of months and I'm in panic because I'm loosing data.

Looking forward to hear something from you, guys.

With best regards,


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Re: IB-3680SU3 issues with write/read errors

Hello Alex,

when the SMART readout is fine, there could indeed be something wrong with the 3680, but
when only some HDDs produce errors, that is very unlikely.
Can you take one of the affected HDDs out of the 3680 and try accessing the data directly by
connecting it to your computer?
Also did you have a black out or power surge?
From what you are describing it sounds like the HDDs are producing the errors.
Have you taken the SMART-readout while the HDDs were in the 3680, or dirctly from a PC?

Best regards,

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