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IB-AC502 Problem of Sync

I just bought an IcyBox AC502.
It was intended to connect HDMI output of my 3D-Blueray DVD reader to a beamer that accept as input VGA 3D @ 120 Hz in order to be able tosee 3D Blueray film with my beamer.
When I connected the DVD to the beamer I gor a black screen. I do not see the home menu of the DVD player. No way.
Worst - the beamer VGA connection is not stable. It goes randomly and regularly to the Input detection blue screen, than indicates the source. Several times this indication is different:
- 640x480 50Hz
-1290x708i 50Hz
-1290x708i 60Hz
-1290x708p 60Hz
And resets...
The only good news is the fact that the 3D items of the beamer menu have been activated, meaning that the beamer did recognized the 3D connection. But it would be better to see something.
The connection never worked, even when I indicated on the DVD reader that I wanted to see the film in 2D. I never got a stable connection with an image.
Where is the problem ?

My beamer is BenQ MS513.
DVD player is Samsung Smart 3D Blueray BD-F6900