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IcyBox NAS Forum Policy

Thank you for using the IcyBox NAS Forum.This form is a community board which is managed by users, for users. The content of the IcyBox NAS Forum is being provided freely, you are welcome to use and copy anything from this forum as reference information; it does not create or imply any contractual or extracontractual liability on the part of IcyBox Inc. or any of its agents, members, organizers or other users.
By accessing the forums contained herein, you agree to the IcyBox NAS Forum Policy. We reserve the right to modify the Forum Policy anytime without notice. Such modifications will be binding on you when published on our web site.

1.Registration Obligation
•You must provide correct and genuine information for registration.
•You agree to update your registration information on the Forum should there be any changes, and guarantee the information is correct, updated, and genuine. If you provide incorrect, fake, or out-dated information, or we suspect that you provide incorrect, fake, or out-date information, we have the right to suspend or remove your account without notice, and reject your future registration.

2.Community Member Behavior
•Be respectful to your fellow members, there is zero tolerance for any flaming directed at a person's race, sexual orientation, religion, creed, #, etc. Violation of this rule is an immediate ban.
•This is a community forum, if you do not receive an immediate answer, please be patient.
•Keep in mind that members join this community forum to enjoy themselves, not to sit over their keyboards waiting to aid another user with their technological woe. If you are not satisfied with the available resources, you may consult with Raidsonic online support, or for even more efficient support, please consult with your local network technician.
• We are not sitting in front of your computer, so there is only so much can be done remotely. If a suggestion does not work, please let us know and we can try again.
•Posting everything about your IcyBox NAS System and network configuration in the first post will encourage other community members to help you. This information is usually necessary to help you identify what is the cause of your error.
•All members are responsible for the security and usage of their IcyBox NAS Forum Account. Any mis-use or mismanagement will be the responsibility of the original registered owner of the account.

3.Forum Etiquette
•Advertising is not allowed.
•Campaigning for a specific function or ability, or subject is not allowed
•Flaming is not allowed; everyone is entitled to their opinion .Be respectful about it.
•Thread-Jacking is not allowed. All replies must reply to the topic starter’s topic. Do not change the topic unless the original topic starter changes the subject at his accord .
•Spamming is not allowed.

4.Posting Etiquette
•Do not link to illegal or ethically/morally questionable/objectionable material.
•Referring to illegal activity is one thing; going into detail about said activity is another. Do not post where information was acquired or how to bypass the security or reverse engineer of software
•Do not swear or use non-English profanity.
Thread Titles
Please use very specific titles in your thread title. The more descriptive it is, the more likely someone will be willing to help you; stating “help me" is not helpful. Stating "I cannot map a drive" is more helpful.
Be sure to post in the appropriate sections of the forum. While threads can be moved, it's make it easier if the thread is posted initially in the correct category.

5. Privacy Policy
•In no events shallwe sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal data registered to the Forum to any third party without your consent.

Please obey our polices
Thanks for your cooperation.